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West Kirby Marine Lake Re-developments

West Kirby Marine Lake is a world famous windsurfing location on the north west tip of the Wirral peninsula, near Liverpool. On a windy day it draws windsurfers from all over Britain offering some of the best speed and freestyle sailing anywhere in the UK. The same flatwater conditions that make it so appealing to these 'expert' disciplines also make it one of the best beginner locations when the wind is lighter. On a 'good' day the car park can be full with literally hundreds of cars and sailors of all abilities enjoying the conditions. The Marine lake is also used by local canoe clubs and the well known Wesk Kirby Sailing Club.Wirral Borough Council are currently considering plans for the re-development of the Marine Lake and it's facilities, the main aims of which have been widely welcomed by the local watersport enthusiasts. The latest proposals, however, show a significant reduction is parking places available to lake license holders. Given that the initial brief and subsequent proposals recognise the potential of the lake as a centre of excellence for windsurfing and watersports in general, the current allocation of 30 car parking spaces appears out of step with the initial remit. The council and developers appear to have made no allowance for future new license holders, and cannot possibly predict how many day ticket visitors are going to turn up on any given day.A recent comment on a local website sums up our feelings perfectly.... "They are in danger of ruining the North West's best windsurfing location. The North West should be developing these sort of locations into centres of sports excellence, encouraging youngsters and newcomers to the sport by making it more accessible, with RYA professional coaching, kit hire, watersports retailers, a fitness centre, and bringing national and international competitions to the venue. Then enlarge the lake by a third, decrease the yearly license and create a bigger car park with astroturf rigging areas. Then membership would increase along with a fresh appetite for watersports in the North West, and in turn the money would follow" We the undersigned would like Wirral Borough Council to reconsider he current proposals to allow for only 30 License holder spaces and at a minimum retain the current number of parking spaces at this world class watersports venue.

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