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Signatures for West Kirby Marine Lake Re-developments

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1 chrisbrowne  
2 kenmorton  
3 AndySharp  
4 JohnRobinson A bad idea and a bad developer, it was supposed to be a hotel to develop the marine lake, not the marine lake to develop a hotel
5 DarrenKell Absolutely - A fantastic facility for watersports in the NW. Easy access and room for equipment and setting up should be preserved and improved. Instead the current plan jeopardizes the existing activities when we should be encouraging visitors
6 DamianDe Backer I wholeheartedly support this petition. The current 'land grab' parking proposals risk killing off the very feature which makes West Kirby a near unique watersports location - famous both nationally and internationally.
7 KathCoppin An appalling lack of planning which does not take into consideration the needs of lake users and ignores the practicalities of building in a high flood risk environment.
8 StuartGwynn I don't understand why the car park is to be allocated 30 spaces, when over 120 Annual Lake Licenses are sold each year, over 50 seasonal, as well as many more daily licenses! West Kirby marine lake is a great location, please don't spoil it!
9 MichaelMaynard The plans proposed by the developers show no understanding of the current usage of the 'car park'(originally called a 'slipway apron). 30 spaces mixed with 80 pay and display parking spaces will be both inadequate and dangerous.
10 RobinHennessy a truly dreadful, that will certainly damaged sailing and windsurfing at west kirby.
11 shellyoliver It makes sense to keep the facility private and available for the lake users - too many potential problems otherwise!
12 MaxDraper  
13 BobWoods Yet another assault on windsufing in the NW. As per the post, they should be developing,it not ruining it. We need to be involing the WSA as well as the RYA, and getting the major magazines involved.
14 MichaelMatson  
15 PaulSimmons As a keen windsurfer I have driven from south Devon to West Kirby for it's excellent speed sailing. I would be extremely disappointed to see a reduction in parking as I know how popular the venue can be with windsurfers.
16 WesleyDickinson I have held a season ticket for more years than I can remember. As I travel from Manchester with a trailer it is not worth risking not finding a parking space, as it stands on a good day you frequently struggle to park unless you arrive early.
17 AlastairNichol This is going to ruin a world class windsurfing venue by only giving lake users 30 parking spaces which is not enough especially in the middle of summer. Lets hope common sense prevails and the people who decided this change their minds
18 SteveMerritt I fully endorse the sentiments stated in this petition
19 JamesLeVesconte  
20 LouisePrior I wholeheartedly support this petition.
21 PaulHolt The car park on a busy days is arguably to small at the moment. To reduce the number of spaces available to license holders seems to be a strange way to promote the venue.
22 SteveJoures On good Windsurfing days the current car park is full of windsurfers. There sould be no reduction of the number of available spaces.
23 DuncanCooke The proposed re-development of the West Kirby Marine lake is short-sighted and does not play to the venue's strengths.
24 DavidPrior When conditions are good for sailing on the Marine Lake or the Estuary the car park is full: particularly in the summer months. Given that the conditions are difficult to predict I cannot see how priority for lake users and general use can co-exist.
25 HelenCarpenter  
26 DavidThrelfall West Kirby marine lake is a WORLD CLASS windsurfing venue (as well as a host of other watersports) and COULD BE a jewel in the crown of Wirral Borough Council, drawing watersports enthusiasts from all over the country....
27 PaulCollister The Sailing School and parking/rigging area must be exploited to the maximum benefit of water sports for the region, not used to prop up a failed parking strategy for a hotel development. Sailing Not Hotel Parking
28 TimHague I tarvel to west kirby and need to know I will be able to park and sail. Give us the facilities and spaces we deserve! Thanks
29 christoole  
30 richardjakubowski I agree with the above comments expansion and developement are whats needed to improve this facility encourage sport and bring investment, the council are being very short sited. they seem not to realise what potential to provide a worl class venue!!
31 christhompson What is the point in spending all this money on refurbishing the sailing center and lake if they're then going to restrict the number of people that can use it? It doesn't make sense - would they rather we rigged up on the streets?
32 KevinSteele  
33 annejakubowski Think again Wirral council, expand facilities not reduce them!
34 benproffitt I'm a world cup sailor and have sailed on the lake many times to practice freestyle. Every time the car park and water have been full. So to reduce numbers that can sail there is crazy!! This is the best flat water spot in the NW so please don't ruin it!
35 DavidBradley I'm chair of a T15 Windsurfing club for kids (2008 National Champions!). At the WK event last year there were 53 kids on the water - where are the parents going to park?
36 PeterRyan Only reason they are talking about parking on the lakeside is that the hotel will take up all the present car park. Funny, I thought the idea was to improve the Sailing School facilities - the hotel was just an afterthought!
37 carltomlinson Restricting the number of parking spaces for lakes licence users doesn't make practical sense. This needs more considered thought so that lake users have access to the lake as required
38 BenAlldred This sailing resource should be cherished by Wirral Borough Council. They should develop the marine lake facilities in such a way that all users get the opportunity to generate a world class sailing resource.
39 gilesstothert fully support the petition.
40 DelphineWilson As a women & novice windsurfer.It saddens me to think access to this wonderful venue may be denied to me. I'll have to think twice about going again, if there are only 30 spaces, it always seems so full.
41 NicDodd  
42 JamieBambridge I drive up from Essex on a decent forecast, theres always a good crowd enjoying the lake and the estuary. If they cut the parking at the Marine Lake it will considerably affect the windsurfers who use the lake and bring business into the town.
43 stevethorp  
44 KeithAkister  
45 markhayford As I have been full yearly licence holder for the last 8-years, and a regular windsurfer at West kirby, I see 30 spaces presenting major problems.
46 jameshazlegreaves this is rediculous making the marine lake pay and display will mean that people who are already giving the council money to use the lake will then have to pay to park their cars ther? JOKE
47 paulburgess  
48 AlexanderFoelkel  
49 peterCrook  
50 RoryDeighton I travel from West Yorkshire with a friend about once a month. Its the best location in the North of England