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Signatures for West Kirby Marine Lake Re-developments

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101 daveparkinson  
102 GaryHulme Please do not take away parking space from a group of people who want to go out and pitch themselves against nature have fun and get fit.
103 JamesWarburton I agree wholeheartedly with the above.
104 IanFagan West Kirby is famous all over the UK windsurfing community going back to when the Wold record was briefly held here. Co-incidently at that time people had to park on the prom the place was so popular. 30 places now ?
105 jeroende wever I was planning to come to West kirby from Holland for speedsurfing. Now I hear that it can be a problem in the future because of the limited parking spaces. Can you please create enough parking spaces !!!!!
106 stewartlightfoot Yet another council only looking to make money without looking at the impact. This is one of the few places left where it doesn't matter how good you are, what you look like, where your from people just come to have fun and get along, Gutted..
107 SallySpencer Safe, free, easy access to the lake is esssential. There is potential safety issues with adults and children crossing the road with boards/sails to gain access to the lake. The lake is a great venue for kids and a world wide reputation in windsurfing.
108 philhorrocks west kirby should stay as it is, if we want people to be active and have access to facilities why reduce the accessability to it?
109 MargaretWarburton I agree with the above
110 DanEllis There are only a handful of spots WORLDWIDE that offer the level of windsurfing available here. The local council is lucky to have one and needs to nurture it. Where ever i travel around the world people talk about West Kirby.
111 StevenHackey West Kirby is known throughout the world as a hot spot for windsurfing and I believe it would be fatal if the spot wasn't protected as it should be.
112 NIcRyan 30 spaces nowhere near enough
113 JamesCox Everyone at the Big Salty Weather community strongly urges for this proposal to be reconsidered. This move would unquestionably effect the widely established windsurfing community in the area and undoubtedly put off visitors to the area in future.
114 NeilHayden  
115 PeteWhitehead  
116 Oisinvan Gelderen Irish Windsurfing Champion
117 johnbainbridge This is a major venue for windsurfers from all over the UK - don't ruin it please.
118 willrogers Loosing the marine lake as a windsurfing location in the UK would be a disaster. Rain or shine this place is packed with young and old enjoying a great sport. The conditions it offers are so unique it will be a disater to take it away...
119 PaulThompson Don't destroy something that already attracts so many people to the location!
120 PhilKnight Reducing car spaces for lake users is a crazy idea and will reduce access to the lake.
121 QuentinBrooksbank Save the lake!
122 JayGwynn  
123 michaeltaylor Love west kirby marine lake do not ruin it
124 StephenSquirrell please do your best to keep West Kirby open as I have'nt had the chance to sail it yet !!!!
125 AliClarke  
126 jonathanclarke i agree entirely with this petition and strongly hope the parking is increased. Anouther note is that this petition has spelling mistakes in it which need to be corrected .
127 charlesgilman This is a terrible idea, the council should be looking at enlarging the lake, facilities and carpark not shrinking it! West kirby is the best windsurfing location in the northwest and has maybe the flattest water and cleanest wind in the country!
128 ScottKennedy  
129 stevenTyson  
130 MartinBloor This site is safe for my young children and one of the fantastic windsurfing sites in the uk. It is obscene that they want to reduce the car parking for this ideal family outdoor activity site. The people who have came up with this idea should be shot.
131 MartinBloor My last comment was only meant as a figure of speech and not meant literally. I have requested that the author retract this last sentance in my comment
132 JuliaSlack Keep it how it is!
133 GordonKennedy Wirral BC should develop this fantasitic water sports resource. From a windsurfing perspective, this zone has some of the best junior racers in the world and reducing their access to this safe training area would be a disaster.
134 MatthewBaily  
135 SamLeah Unlike other aspects of life you can't go windsurfing, sailing or kayaking by public transport, as there's too much kit to bring. The lake should be available for all who wish to use it on a given day, and that requires enough dedicated parking
136 patricklyner  
137 JasonBaldwin I've sailed here a few times as a visitor and loved it, don't let this happen!
138 GordonRoach  
139 PhillCoppin  
140 AndrewBates  
141 BryceHeslop  
142 RichardLether  
143 AlanBeard  
145 SimonWalker  
146 IANRICHARDS World famous spot, don't ruin it.
147 SeanCaffrey I am in favour for this appeal and think that the current parking should be left as it is. I think the council should look into wether or not more spaces are needed..
148 CarlaFagan  
149 EmilyGuest  
150 ZaraDavis This is one of the fastest sites for speedsailing in the WORLD most of will drive for 4 hours + just on a good forecast - there has to be parking for day tickets.I am a speedsailing world record holder and view this site as very special.