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Signatures for West Kirby Marine Lake Re-developments

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351 ConorFagan  
352 JayneBunning Should be encouraging more people to go, not less!!!
353 HelenJones  
354 PeterWilkinson Totally agree with comments above.
355 juliemorrissey Totally agree with the above comments - expand the car parking area, provide an Astroturf rigging area, reduce the annual lake licence fee and revenues will, paradoxically, rise due to increased useage. Please don't mess this up!
356 juanpallicer saballs  
357 DuncanAdam I believe a rethink on the parking is needed, to cater for the people like me that drive from Wiltshire on those special days. I thought I could not park close to the launch area, I would cross I off my list of places to ail, a has happened elsewhere.
358 AlistairClark It is important that facilities remain and improve for windsurfers and canoeists to park in order to use the marine lake for water sports activities.
359 AlClark  
360 RonaClark  
361 AlexBennett-baggs  
362 josephbleazard I am against giving any private company control of the west kirby marine lake and its lake licenses.
363 matthewkaye