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Signatures for West Kirby Marine Lake Re-developments

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51 RoryDeighton I travel from West Yorkshire with a friend about once a month. Its the best location in the North of England
52 NormanPetty  
53 IanD.R.Leonard  
54 timtarrington  
55 ElizabethBridgwater  
56 PeterClarke  
57 MarcusBacklund Please do not ruin a great windsurfing speed spot, one of the best in the world!
58 PaulBarnes  
59 AdamGustafsson  
60 RobertStandring  
61 NeilHardwick I donít understand how the developers and the Council believe that 30 car packing spaces is sufficient for the people who use the lake facilities. If the developers proposed building a car park on the 18th fairway of Golf Course, they be laugh out of town
62 TautvydasJukna  
63 christiancharles As a sport windsurfing needs preserving. It has saved the sanity of many who get the physical and mental relief it offers and future generations shouldn't miss out on the same opportunity. Let them park...
64 Paulbaguley please encourage and develop watersports in west kirby, not kill them off.
65 PaulHopper Have held an annual license for both dingy & windsurfer for many years. Would hate to see a decline in users just for the sake of greater council revenue.
66 MichaelSingleton Sailed at W Kirby every occasion I could in the last 2.5 years, been a licence hold for the last two years. Don't want to not be able to park / have to carry all my gear from a free parking spot (laugh out loud) or have to pay on top of my licence to park
67 AdamHarper Over the past year I have found that even at weekends the car park barrier has been open and money has not been taken. I think this could be a deliberate ploy by the council to make it appear less used than it actually is.
68 IanRoberts  
69 farrelo'shea  
70 GrahamBevan The one downside to windsurfing as a sport is that you have to carry a lot of different equipment with you for different conditions. One of the main reasons why this is probably the best location for windsurfing in the north west is the guarantee of parki
71 MikeGwynn  
72 WilliamTrossell  
73 LanceNewbery  
74 AlanCross The less car parking that is provided for sailors.Less sailors will sail and the lake will be void of sailors. This is not good for sailors or visitor who come to spectate
75 KarolisSipavicius  
76 OscarBrogren  
77 ChristopherChavasse  
78 ChrisNorton Its on my list as a place to visit. Coming up from the south west, I would be totally miffed if I couldnt park. Lets keep the pressure on those who make decisions and hopefully they change their plans.
79 SimonHinkley  
80 DuncanAdam A bit better thought to the parking arrangements would encorage those of us that travel hundreds of miles to sail there, to return.
81 PaulThompson I think that this would be a real shame if the car park is limited to only 30 places for windsurfing, what happens to all those who have trailers. It will be then only 15 places. I feel that this idea should be reconsidered!!!!!
82 DavidEberlin It is some time since I last came but this sort of venue - which is I think unique in the UK should be open access and available for use, isn't that what Councils are supposed to do, and visting sailors must bring revenue to local businesses.
83 NeilRaistrick We travel down as a family from North Yorkshire and the car park on a busy day is arguably too small already.
84 davidsargent come on wirral council think about people instead of pound notes for once,you have the chance to make this venue a magnet for sports minded people
85 FrankOdenthal We love spending our holidays at West Kirby. Please, save the spot, otherwise we're forced to travel to other places for holidays. Greetz from Germany, Frank.
86 HowardRowson Please reconsider the development plans. Many visitors also flock to the west kirny wall walk, and love the close proximity to the action
87 martinjones  
88 HelenJones  
89 peteenglish  
90 AndySloan  
91 PhilNoden Whats the point of developing the lake then cutting down the parking for people to use
92 AshleyMarsden  
93 RichardCuttle  
94 AnthonyKeighley  
95 GeoffHautman The importance of the lake as a potentially world glass windsurf venue, should not be underestimated.
96 CallumEdge It would be sad to see another world class venue restricted! We have similar problems in Weymouth and fewer and fewrer people are coming here because of it, it's sad to see.
97 MartinsLipskis  
98 RichardKing  
99 NickHames  
100 nickworkman I agree with the above statement wholeheartly,however,i have always thought that right from the start the council have wanted to reduce windsurfing to only token use and fully promote sailing.The hotel venture is not for the benefit of WK but HL golf c!